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Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Hey all, just found a neat site that might interest those of you who tend to like SWORDS. Check out the site listed below;

It's maintained by Lee A. Jones, I believe that he's a professor of sorts, a nice gentleman I met at Ashokan Seminar for the last couple of years. I missed this years due to a spent weekend at the Blade Show, (sob sob) but I'll be back next year for the Sword 2000, which should be great.


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List them if you have them, some have been noted on other threads, this one hasn't I don't think, so go ahead and we can start a Sword directory?

I'll just list all of my knife and sword links with forums. Don't want to sort though them right now.

I assume you know where knifeforums and benchmadeforums is at.

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Here's another one that a felow forumite hooked me up with:
I saw their work at a renaissance (remind me to stab the guy that came up with that word) faire in Sterling NY.
Unfortunately I was unable to afford most of their products, but I DID manage to get this cute little blade, shaped like a talon.

PS- David Williams, ain't ya happy I didn't post a pic here?

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