Mel Pardue Axis Lock?


Mar 30, 1999

Does anyone know when producton models of these will be available?
I handled a "first run" model and liked it alot.I especially like the fact that it is tip-down!That
is the only reason I didn't get the first Axis.I like the "Skinner" type blade on the Pardue model too.Any info on when they will be out would be cool!


They are out. I picked one up last week at my local cop shop, not a first run, just a regular production. Great knife. Kind of makes me think of a shrunk down Commander with a stronger lock.
You're sure the *regular production* pieces are out? The pre-production pieces are only available with satin finish blades and partial serrations. I held one of the pre-production pieces, and will be getting one of the normal production bt coated pieces.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
The regular production peices are out. I got mine on 7/28, it is plain edge with satin finish. I was told it would be a little while longer before the BT2 coated blades were available. I haven't gotten to use the knife much yet but so far I really like it. The blade has a lot of belly and carries a good bit of the thickness out to the tip. Those two charachteristics combined with the somewhat shorter blade, axis lock, and aluminum handles make the knife extremely solid, I think it will be able to stand up to just about any use. My only non-positive thing to say about the knife is the handle. There is a somewhat pronounced hump at the butt of the handle where the blade closes - I am sure it was put there to aid with grip stability but I think it will also make the knife somewhat uncomfortable to use for people with larger hands, I may be wrong though. As mentioned already the knife comes with the clip set up for tip down carry, however BM did drill holes so that the clip could be switched for tip up carry. Oh yeah, and one other gripe - although I am not left handed I am surprised BM didn't set the knife up so that the clip could be moved to the other side of the handle for left handed users. I thought one of the strong points of the Axis Lock was that it is completely ambidextrous. Oh well, for me the knife is a complete winner and I will be using it for daily carry for some time to come. I really like its size and its solid feel and lucky me its razor sharp blade. Thank you BM for another fine product, now if you would just go back and start over from square one with the Ascent line.