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Mel's Obit?

Mar 26, 1999

OK, a couple questions...

1) Have the major publications been notified of Mel's passing? Do they want to borrow knives to photograph?

2) Is anyone thinking of putting together a collection of "Sorg on Knives?" His 124 posts here and his private emails? An editied selection of them might be interesting and with fotos could even be a fund raiser for his folks....I personally would buy it, even if just photcopied. I have a nice email he sent me about his start in knifemaking, his academic career and interests, etc.... would be happy to contribute that and lend my two Sorg knives to any kind of publication project that would benefit his family.

The pup

Good idea on the "Sorg on Knives" section! I'll see how feasible that is on the forums...


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Count me in. There is also a possibility of a benefit auction sometime in the future.
In addition to the loss of a friend, the July lightning strike of my home damaged my PC and wiped out the many posts between Mel and myself regarding the concept of the desert ironwood Camp Set.
At least the Camp Set itself has a place of honor in my den.
I was thinking of doing a photo essay of as many of Mel's knives as I could get a hold of and compiling them into a nice website. I have four total, unfortunately only three of which are photo-worthy at the moment (only one is a fully finished original, the others are kits which he ground). Anyway, I have a modest but adequate photo set up, including the potential to do closeups for detail work. I would be more than happy to donate time and webspace to photographing anyones knives and sheaths that Mel made and uploading them for all to see.
All I would ask for is compensation for shipping of the knives and maybe a few bucks to help with film (I know...but I am a poor student, don't forget). I realize people may be apprehensive of sending their knives now that Mel isn't around to replace ones that get lost in the mail, but if you ware willing to take the risk, then let's get started on this project. Alternatively, I would gladly accept photos from people and post them, although it would be more consistent to do them myself. I can understand mail-jitters, though, so if you'd want to send your own photos then I would be more than happy to simply scan those. Any history and stories from Mel concerning the knife, or its use from the owner, etc would be interesting and I can type text, too. I'd like to make this happen, and it may be a slow process, but please get with me on this so we can make it a reality!

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Chiro (with all due respect, which is a whole bunch)I think that our efforts should be coordinated by the Spark for maximum effect - in other words, I am going to take direction about where and when to contribute from him... otherwise the potential for confusion outweighs the potential benefit.
And re coordination, Spark, I suggest you reach out to "The Knife Collectors List-Serve" in tandem with anything you do here - Mel was well known on that circuit as well.

the pup
Pup, I guess I didn't realize Spark was trying to compile a photo and text essay. From your post the best I could understand what was being asked for was a compilation of Mel's posts and emails concerning any and all topics. If Spark is asking for photos and that sort of thing, too, then I would like to contribute as well, but I still have a desire to do my own thing because I know it will be a high quality finished "product" that exemplifies the best of Mel's work. Whatever works fine for me, though.

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The hard disk on my good computer blew out and I lost all my correspondences with Mel...
When I get the computer back I will have the capacity to send jpg.files. I will take pictures of Madpoet knives I have, though one is currently at my camp in Maine.

I think it would be cool to have a photo collection of his work.

Steve & others,

Contact me via email at waking@plains.nodak.edu and I'll do what I can to provide photos. Also, there is a good collection of photos on Mel's website at

in his "Gallery" section, which I am leaving up. The whole site will be left up as a memorial to Mel. If you set up any photo essay pages, "Madpoet on Knives," or whatever, please contact me and I will put a link to it on his site.

Wade King
Thanks, Wade. If I decide to do something it will probably be over my break in October, so I will get in touch with you soon.

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