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Member status


Jan 6, 1999
I was just wondering about the different member status'. I beleive that there are now only 2 Member and Senior member. When I first regestered, I was a junior member, and Now I am a member. How does one obtain Senior member status? Just curious.

You're close.

I believe 100 posts does it.
I can't wait myself. I find myself inserting pointless posts like this just to help myself out.
Roadkill2 - you could always just click on the profile icon above one of your posts
I've looked at a previous post of mine but I don't see any thing, like an icon, etc., that indicates how many posts I have made. I saw that info a while back but can't remember how I got there. My profile doesn't contain that info either. Any other suggestions?

You have 32 posts according to your profile.

I clicked on the icon which is above the line where your posted words occur and is just to the right of the words:

"posted 23 June 1999 03:52 PM".
I just looked at one of Dave B's posts, and he is a senior member, he has only 59 total posts, could it be the length of time that one has been a member rather than total number of post's. He has been a member since Oct 98, and I since Jan 99.

I believe that when Mike and Spark started this forum it only took 30 posts to have that "Senior Member" tag added to your handle. When it changed to 100, the old senior members with less then 100 were grandfathered in. Of course, I could be wrong.
Mike K.
Thanks for the info. When was bladeforums actually started?

Thanks, Brian
Well I guess you were right, I am now at senior member status after my 100th post. I must say that it feels pretty good.