Merry Christmas IZ

Oct 23, 2006
Merry Christmas IZ AND HAVE A SUPER NEW YEAR :thumbup::)

Hey, bro. Thank you for the well wishes. I appreciate it very much.

A member here sent me a not so nice message on another forum telling me I had "ignored a fan for two years in a row".
I want you to know I didn't ignore you. I rarely even come to blade forums at all these days, just not enough time between work and all the other internet sites I'm on.
Also, I let the subforum subscription here lapse over two years ago. I have no idea why it's still here. So I don't check it anymore because I don't want to post here for free. I want the bladeforum owners to be compensated if I use it. Therefore I won't use it until I decide to renew the subscription.

If you want to find where I'm active most just check my website. There's links on my homepage. That way I don't run the risk of "ignoring" anyone. lol.
I won't post the links here out of respect for this forum. But I have subforums and other things on the web.

So please accept my apologies and I hope you and yours have wonderful and prosperous new year also. :thumbup: