Merry Christmas!

Aug 21, 2009
In the spirit of the season what knives are you buying friends and family for X-mas? (or what would you like to get them)

Be careful not to ruin any surprises!

Someone I know is getting a Victorinox Farmer and a JRE sheath for his Mora. Another is getting a Buck 110.

Happy Holidays knife nuts! :p
Leatherman Squirt P4's all the way around, some are getting Kershaw Blurs, a few are getting Ontario Rat 1 folders. I hope they like 'em!! :D
some opinel 8's for some friends, a kershaw skyline for my dad, who im trying to get to start carrying a blade, maybe a buck vantage or two for some other people...
I'm giving these for Christmas. One to each of my brothers.

I actually finished my Christmas shopping at 10:00 last night. Everybody on the list will be getting a "Sting" knife from A.G. Russell. Good thing all my friends are knuts, eh?
I'll be giving out Byrd G10 lockbacks.
My girl friend finally said she wanted her own knife (instead of stealing mine) SO I'm getting her the Tattoo Dragongfly from Spyderco
Current girlfriend is a cop. If I bought her anything like that, she'd probably use it on me. Yep, she's getting a Sting too.
I decided I am going to give one of my friends (who I have known since diapers) an Ontario RAT 1.

He is in construction (roofing mostly) and I think he will like the toughness of the RAT1.