Metal working


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Aug 8, 2000
Boy this place is as dead as dirt! I have a question for any of you who work with metal or any of you that have a scabbard with metal on it. I am currently working on adding metal chapes or tips to my scabbards. I think I have the basic cutout designed but affixing it to the scabbard has me a bit puzzled. I tried soldering the edges together tonight on the back with no result. The solder just did not stick. For the record I am using nickel silver as my chape material. If someone has a scabbard with a chape how is it affixed? Is it just glued on?
Hey there Triton I mean Russ oh I mean Triton. On my scabbards with chapes they were fitted by just good construction aka no adhesives just a plain tight fit. However on some of the older ones theyve fallen off due to wood shrinkage so epoxy was the route I took in repairing them.
Oh no! You have discovered my secret identity! Now you must be
beaten with a wet noodle. So the chapes were not soldered together
in some way or anything? They were in effect just "pinched" into
Yup. Real labor intensive type work that doesnt look to pleasant to do. The big problem though is as the wood ages the darn things like to fall off. Dunno if they worked the metal cold or if they worked it hot though. No signs of any solder on the seems.
I am not that familiar with them but most that I have seen at fairs and the like were epoxied on. Not very glamourous, I realize... :)
I am realy not sure what you are talking aboutwhen you say chape, I have done a couple of dagger scaberds in the patern posted on you web page.

leather over wood with brass trim.

after you have hammered it to shape, cut your open work got it soldered cleaned filed and fit.
try this. I drilled a series of holes in the brass for small escusion pins. little round brass heads now become a design function. They have to be short enough not to go into the blade cavity. (if that is to short. score rings on the shaft of the pin with pliers. and use thick super glue to hold them in place.)

It looked realy good:D