meyerco dirk pinkerton knives


Nov 7, 2006
anyone try any of the new meyerco dirk pinkerton designs?? they look pretty good, and they are very low priced. the two i like the most are the broadhead and the wharning.

here is the broad head

the wharning looks like the spyderco ronin, looks like an excellent little knife



there is also a claw shaped one


these knives look like really good deals
I got the Variable claw, and was... well, non-impressed. The handle wrapping was very loose and the kydex sheath horrid (sharp edges of the kydex, bad retention, instantly appearing scratches on the blade). The blade in itself looked pretty good, with clean grind lines, but I had to sharpen it to get it to cleanly slice paper. Edges of the finger hole were hurting my index finger, I had to remedy that with a Dremel.
I would say it is worth it if you are willing to finish the blade yourself.
thats disappointing to hear, i was looking forward to these, however the claw and the broadhead are both under 20 dollars so i guess it would be fine to buy and fix up.
i got the broadhead today, its not too bad. these make great last ditch self defense weapons, also good to give to gfs and wives. the paracord wrap on mine was fine. the sheath was ok, it wont fall out. pretty good for 12 dollars.
Meyerco is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel, but they have some interesting designs and are probably good enough for emergency stash knives that will be used rarely, if at all. I just bought a single edged Necklance for canoeing. Don't expect to use it much, but I'll be a lot happier having a knife I can get at in a hurry if I need one and edge retention should not be a factor.
Meyerco is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel

well, it seems like meyerco is trying to put out some better products, the darrel ralph knife they just released was pretty decent inmop

meyerco also has a new bob terzuola fixed blade that is 154cm made in usa, its well over 200 dollars


i think meyerco will be a pretty good company once they have released some more of their newer stuff
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