Meyerco's Tactical folder

Jun 15, 1999
anyone used this knife before? It's on the vcover of the new Tactical Knives mag. Was hoping to hear some feedaback on it...
I don't have that particular Meyerco, but I do have 2 of the Strut N Cut Rascals. My experience with Meyerco has not been good. I talked with Blackie Collins, the designer of their knives, last year and bought the 2. After about a month, the strut inside broke. When I looked at it I saw that it was cast aluminum. No wonder it broke. Since it was first production run, no big deal, just get it fixed. Well, when I called I asked if they had changed this part to something more sturdy. If so, I wanted to buy an extra to fix the other knife. I was told that they hadn't changed it, but they'd replace the broken knife. They said if the other knife broke later, to send it in as well. So much for preventative maintenance.

When I got the replacement knife, 2 things surprised me. The part had been upgraded to something sturdy (maybe the person I spoke with was un-aware of this), and the medallion in the knife scale was missing. Had to call them again to get another medallion sent.

Bottom line, to me, is that they have good designs, sloppy customer service (no website, no 800 in addition to un-informed employees), and poor quality control.

Personally I respect Blackie a great deal - if you ever have the chance to talk with him don't pass the chance up. But I'll look for his designs from other manufacturers.


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I have to agree. I have a S&C Rascal and if used as a gents knife it is fine. I do like the handle material since it is virtually scratch proof when riding around with keys and coins but it is definitely a lower end knife. The AUS8 blade is nearly impossible to sharpen which surprises me since AUS8 is usually the easiest steel in the world to touch up.

I am always surprised to see the full page ads of these knives in the rags but they must be selling since the ads keep reappearing.

I haven't seen the tactical so I can't comment on it but if it is like the S&C knives there has to be better tacticals out there.