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Miami Machete vs. Anheuser Busch

Jan 13, 1999
Have you heard of this? Legal weirdness to the extreme. I remember seeing a product review in one of the knife magazines, and now this company is going out of business.


Miami Machete vs. Anheuser Busch

Miami Machete applied for and received a trademark to protect the name and logo of the Bushmaster machete in 1999. Following the grant of a trademark by the Trademark Office, there exists a 60-day window in which people can object. Anheuser-Busch objected on the basis of the sound of the word Bushmaster, certainly not the spelling. We were advised by a trademark lawyer that we should be able to beat Anheuser-Busch in a court hearing held by the Trademark Office. We were given a budget as to what this should cost. But we were fearful that Anheuser-Busch would have no trouble dragging out the hearing and draining time and money away from our venture. Reluctantly, we therefore chose not to enter the legal arena with such a powerful opponent and in so doing lost our trademark. It then seemed unwise to develop and market a product without the long-term protection that the trademark registration offered, and we decided that we would sell our inventory and close our doors.


Bushmaster is the name of a South American snake, as well as the army's 25mm cannon system. I can't believe Anheuser_Busch would object to something like this.
This Psudo-Beer monster also supports much anti-gun legislation, so what's the big surprise about it atacking a little knife business?
Yet another reason not to drink/support Anheuser Busch (besides taste). Support your regional brewers and microbrewers instead.

Long live Yuengling's (America's Oldest Brewery, who A/B has long been trying to buy for years so they can say that), Rolling Rock, Troeg Brother's and Appalachian Brewery (Harrisburg). All good Pennslyvania beers that I support.
I hate their beer, its like making love in a canoe, f**king close to water! And I can guarantee I will never drink it. We dont get much American beer over here anyway.
Originally posted by Dan K
This Psudo-Beer monster also supports much anti-gun legislation, so what's the big surprise about it atacking a little knife business?

Actually, Anheuser Busch is very pro gun and pro hunting. The story tallwingedgoat posted sucks, but in the overall picture, Anheuser Busch is one of the good guys.

You're probably thinking of the donations the Miller Brewing Company made to gun control organizations (along with AT&T, Levi Strauss, Sarah Lee, Monster.com, etc, etc, etc).
They had to sue to protect their customers.

After a few beers, when the customer orders, he might say something that sounds closer to "Bushmaster" than "Budweiser". The customer could get injured drinking a Bushmaster. :D
Now if you're talking Miller beer, then you're talking Phillip Morris. That wouldn't surprise me.

Did you know that they also own Kraft, Post, Maxwell House...

Venus Inc. If you can find a copy, read it.
What the hell does beer have to do with knives in the first place??

And how did AB find out about this??

They should be more concerned with their own business and then maybe they could make a better beer. I mean Budweiser tastes just about as good as a "Headache in a can".:barf:
I never understood their success. I guess that most Americans just don't know good beer. Except this one of coarse!!!:p

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