Micarta Dragonfly???

Oct 12, 1998
Since Mr. Glesser has been listening in, I thought I would put this bug (ooh, bad pun) in his ear:

Any chance for a micarta Dragonfly?

Something more upscale than Zytel, cheaper than carbon fiber, and less slick than either carbon fiber or stainless.

(though I love the stainless one -- had one engraved for a friend and it is now his airline/suit knife)

Classy, lightweight, and durable.

I feel the Dragonfly is a great knife and would be perfect in micarta with tip down carry. I have been saying it should be called the Calypso, Jr., Jr. (Calypso III?) anyways, due to similarity of blade shape and grind.

Anyone else want to see some?

I know it might not be feasable, but thanks very much, Mr. Glesser, for listening to our ideas. You are definitely an asset to this forum. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better.

Take care,


Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
I second Clay's suggestion and would add: have a removable clip instead of an integrated one. I love my fly but don't like the clip.

My $0.02



Clay - thanx. tip down metal clip. G10 (color?) scales. single liner (to screw clip into). left and right hand versions (saves use of one liner for thinner profile). ???
Lots of good ideas,Dragonfly, G10 or micarta, steel clip, colors,
dark blue, dark green, dark burgundy is maybe best, really a handy little knife. Sal, I really like the idea of a forum/mfg./Spydee site with pics and feedback of possible pieces...Thanks Sal, for so much info. on the different threads. Looking foward to the other versions of the Calypso Jr. and the Native.

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Sal suggested a G10 Dragonfly. The original suggestion was a black linen micarta Dragonfly, a elegant little knife to match the C52 and C54 with black micarta and flat grinds and similar blade shapes.

Separate left and right hand versions mean "More inventory!" On the other hand, two sets of screw holes for pivot-end clips for tip-down carry require some metal on both sides of the knife to thread the screws into.

Metal liners under the G10 or micarta are one way to do that, but they add to the thickness of the knife, and the idea here is to make a thin little knife.

For tip down carry, which is especially handy in a small knife that goes in the shirt pocket, and a reversable clip, we need metal on both sides of the knife. One way to do that is to make it all stainless. Another way, which we see in the Benchmade zytel Ascent series (though only on one side of the handle) is to glue(?) threaded steel inserts into the softer handle material.

Perhaps the hypothetical Black Micarta Dragonfly would be better without a clip, like the Ladybug (a bit small for fast one-hand opening) or the Benchmade 330 or the Al Mar Hawk. Instead, it can ride loose in the pocket, or at the end of a lanyard with a keyring or a Photon Light at the other end.


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Right James, that's why I have a Baby Goddard, to fill that need, the Dragonfly is a little bigger, more useful, a clipless style would be fine with me, I don't clip it on the pocket usually because its so small, it seems that size knife, goes to the bottom of the pocket, why not clip on a larger knife if a person wants to clip something? I have been interested in another small knife besides a Ladybug, a Gentelmans Carbon Fiber Sog? A clipless Dragonfly would be more useful.
mcfg - Spyderco did make a small run of carbon fiber Dragonfly's, stainless clip (removable), probably a few left? More expensive though than SOG's. I generally fly with one of these used as a money clip. Plain edge is less conspicuous for overseas flights. It was designed "tip down" which makes for a smaller (deep pocket) package when used as a money clip. Has single steel liner (for clip screws).
I vote for the micarta Dragonfly with a clip. You can always remove it if need be. I have been carrying a Calypso Jr. with micarta scales, and it is a definite winner. Made me really appreciate a flat grind again. The micarta Dragonfly would be a smaller version of the Calypso, which is what I have been wishing for, I would buy one of these on sight.

Mr. Glesser - couldn't you work the reversible clip on micarta, like the ones that are used on zytel and steel? That way you would have one model that would appeal to southpaws too. My Viele and Calypso have EXCELLENT micarta finishes on them. It takes me hours to do that on my handmades. Don't see how you do that under full scale production.

By the way - the spyder wrench - out of the park! I would buy it if didn't work just of confuse my friends. A definite buy.

Rude Water Herring
Sal -
Do you recall the description of 'An elephant is a mouse designed by a committee'? Looks like we're getting there.
So far - micarta scales, removable clip, tip-down carry, right and left hand models, all stainless to allow clip on either side, G10 scales, no clip, reversable clip - how about adding a wrench just for good luck?


In an earlier post, Sal, you mentioned the plain edge Dragon fly as a good international flying knife. Were you referring to a carbon fiber plain edge? Because I have a serrated carbon fiber, but never heard of a plain edge cb Dragon fly.

The reason for my inquiry is that I am flying to Italy in Feb. and I am in need of a foolproof airline safe knife. I fear my cb dragon fly won't cut it because of the serrations, Walker ltwght is too big (also 1/2 serr.), Terzuola Jr. is 1/2 serr. plus its price renders it NOT expendable. A plain edge cb dragon fly would be perfect. But, I don't think they are available to the general public. If this is the case, I am seriously considering the almite aluminum CX02.

Anyway, cb dragon fly serr. - too risky for air travel?
Ronald - Plain edge always gets less attention. Yes, CF dragonfly is available to ELU. You may want to contact Spyderco to see who's got 'em.

Other fly-safe pieces that I've used are; C09 "CoPilot", C61 "Pegasus" (formally CX01), C62 "Navigator" (formally CX02) and I've had good luck flying internationally with the Dyad jr (Mini Dyad) which has both a 2" plain edge and a 2" serrated edge, but has been inspected and returned several times.

The larger purchase of the "small" knives (C09, C61, C62) provides added security. The C09, C61 & C62 are not small knives, just shorter at both ends, but provide a large amount of cutting power for their size. "Little" high performance matter separators. Nowadays you need a knife just to open the potato chip bag. I always have a "Ladybug" on my keychain. Hope this helps.

Ronald Reagan -- Yes there are CF plain edge Dragonflys. Frank at Little River has them for c. $79. That's what I would like but seems a bit pricey for a knife that size.

Sal, Thanks for your input. Does it need liners? Mt Calypso Jr has none and it seems ok. I am not a leftie but hate to single them out, so ambidextrous would be nice.

Oh and any colour of micarta is fine. I love black micarta -- classy looking stuff.

Anychance on the blade steel being VG-10? Though I would have no complaints with ATS-55.



Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
CF needs a liner if you are going to make the piece tip down. (our CF dragonfly is tip down and has a liner) If it's tip up, we can screw into the spring holder. Micarta that thin might need a liner, need to test.