Micarta Scales

May 1, 2001
I recently aquired a Colorado Cutlery bird and fish knife with black micarta scales. The finish appears to be coated with a clear laquer. There are a few minor imperfections in the finsh of the scales and I would like to clean them up. Do I need to recoat the micarta after I remove the clearcoat? If so, what is the preferred finsih to apply? The clearcoat that is on it now allows the fine texture to show through, which I like, but can live without if there is a better method.

Thanks in advance,
If it is indeed Micarta, linen, paper, or canvas, then no clearcoat is necessary. Micarta comes up to a mirror finish on a buffing wheel.

You can sand out the imperfections with 320 tp 400 grit paper and then buff it.