Micarta source?

Dec 29, 1998
I've been buying Micarta from the knife supply houses, but is there some other source? Does anyone sell it cheaper and in more colors?
If you want to buy 1 1/2" X 5" pieces it doesn't get any cheaper. If you don't mind buying 3ft X 3ft pieces from Janz it is quite a bit cheaper. Paper micarta is made by International Paper Decorative Products division. Check the net for International Pulp and Paper, also known as IP in the paper trade.


I buy my black Micarta and G-10 from a place called Professional Plastics... The prices are WAY less than from the knife supply houses, more than half. They dont have colors though... I will have to take a look at Chucks site for colors..

Trace Rinaldi
Chuck is a very nice guy to deal with. He saw pics of my dymondwood handled knives and gave me good newbie maker deal on some green g-10!! Very nice to deal with and, by the way, he deals in materials to FUND HIS KNIFE COLLECTING! He's into knives all the way.

Chuck: I'll be using that g-10 real soon! And, as promised, you'll get some pics.

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