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Micarta Wear


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Oct 5, 1998
How does micarta wear? I just got a Random Task and I have never had a knife with micarta before. Does it dull? Shhine up? Scratch? Any info is greatly appreciated. -AR

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I don't have one, but isn't the Kershaw's handle in G-10, not Micarta? Anyway, IF it is Micarta, then it will wear fairly nicely. It will scratch and it will chip and it will ding and dent, but I have found the material to be very durable. It also cleans up nicely and quite easily with some sandpaper and, if so desired, a buffing wheel.
Hey Jackyl,

The handles on the Kershaw Task models are indeed G-10.
This comes directly out of the Kershaw catalog: Handle-Polished G-10, Liners-6AL4V Titanium, Blade-3 1/4 inch, Steel-CPM440V Stainless, Weight 3.2oz.
Greetings Jackyl. In my experience, micarta with a smooth/ polished finish may look quite atractive but they are almost worthless for real hard use. They do not afford a secure enough grip if liquids get mixed in with your hands during use. The rather smooth finish on the Kershaw Task was the reason I did not purchase one. Micarta is plenty strong and can get scratched and dinged but can be cleaned up with sandpaper as Chiro has mentioned. (There goes the finish!) An after market bead blast is worth looking into. Or better yet have it checkered. Most of my fixed blade Doziers are checkered and what a world of difference in the feeling of grip security! Small scratches and dinges are less visible as well. _NOTE_: be sure as to the thickness/ dimensions of its scales before you proceed with any refinish as its structural integrity may be compromised. Hope this helps.


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