Michael Irie MFK

The latest issue (July!!?) of Tactical Knives has an article on this knife. Does anyone here have any experience with it? Particularly, how does it handle and what do you think of the ATS-34 steel (given the other recent discussion on that topic :) ?
Who sells it?
They mention a similarity to the Puma White Hunter (a knife I lusted for when I was a kid). Is this a valid comparison?

On a related note, I haven't been able to get the BF 'search' facility to work. It always takes a long time then comes back with a 'server error'. Any ideas on what's causing this? (I'm using IE 4.5.)

Looking through old messages manually, I see that NAN posted virtually the same request previously. As there were no responses, I'll let it stand.

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Oct 16, 1998
I carry a Wood/Irie swing lock folder quite a bit, and I have been pleased with the blade. Mike is smart with the grinder and actually leaves the edge a little thicker at the point than over most of the blade for extra strength.

When I asked Mike about heat treatment a couple of years ago, he was having it done by a commercial outfit. He was not able to give me any details, but said they do work for several well-known makers (also unnamed). Oh well. I really like the swing locks, so I bought them anyway, and haven't been disapointed.