Michigan v. USC

Sep 2, 2004
Michigan is outraged not to be playing Ohio State because they clearly were the second best team in the country. The only reason they aren't playing Ohio State is because the voters didn't want to see a rematch. On a neutral field, Michigan is the best team in the country. USC shouldn't even be on the same field . . . . . what????

Oh, never mind then.

Game wasn't even as close as the score. First half was competitive. Fourth quarter as dominating a permformance as I've seen.

I'm not much of a college football fan, but the bowl games this year may convert me yet.
I thought Michigan would put up a better fight than that. I'm glad that they didn't get a rematch with Ohio State.
Why does Lloyd Carr eat his soup on a plate..??

Because if he had it in a bowl he would lose it..!!:D

Judas priest talk about always a bridesmaid never the bride...Carr must be wondering if there is a indian curse on him winning a Rose Bowl
I'm by no means a fan of USC, but yesterday showed that there is still a sizeable speed gap between the Big Ten and the Pac-10. Michigan just looked slower everywhere, especially on the slant.

The Big Ten this year was a farcical competition. The media annointed tOSU up front and Michigan looked decent until they actually played towards season's end. The problem of course that Michigan played exactly nobody (ND never counts) and tOSU only played Texas. Then they played each other--whoop de doo.

USC absolutely road throttled Arkansas team that hung within three of then 11-1 Wisconsin. I guess the Big Ten was getting the Charles Atlas points this year. They looked the part, but they didn't really lift the weight.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Michigan and Ohio State are BOTH overrated and nowhere near the best teams in the country. Just ask the SEC and the Florida Gators!!!

LOL!!!! I love it... after all the smack talking I heard from all the band-wagon OSU fans saying how troy smith was the best thing ever... The man threw 4 completions!!!! C'mon heisman winner, and throws 4 completions... pathetic. Bottom line, big ten CANNOT hang in the South. Period.
There is only one undefeated team now, Boise State, and it is not an SEC team. There are no undefeated SEC teams.
-THE BIG EAST-only league without a bowl loss

and if syracuse can find a coach we might even contribute again
There is only one undefeated team now, Boise State, and it is not an SEC team. There are no undefeated SEC teams.

Great speculation. Even better for you that you are EXACTLY RIGHT! :)

However, as others have said, you just proved the validity of my first post in this thread. (the SEC being the toughest conference in the nation)

While your initial response was correct that there are no undefeated teams in the SEC, there is one team that is a NATIONAL CHAMPION that was prospected to be beaten by the highly OVER-RATED buckeyes, 42-14. Meet the team I hate the most in the SEC, the Florida Gators. :thumbup:

ALso, Boise State wouldn't win 5 games in the SEC. They wouldnt beat... SC, TN, FL, AL, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas. They might even loose to Vanderbilt, Kentucky, & Ole Miss.

Furthermore, explain to me how the Gators can beat the "supposed best team in the country hands down" :jerkit 41-14 yet they would have LOST to South Carolina had the field goal from 24 yards out not been blocked, BARELY beat us (Tennessee) at home by ONE point, and had numerous other close games IN THE SEC.... Its mind boggling. I love it how the yanks talk football like they have a sound forum to preach from.... Its quite funny.
How about them Gators ? Awesome performance. They found a way to beat everyone but Auburn. If Cris Leak and the offence could not do it, the defense sure did. But Monday they were firing on all cylinders.