Mick, I'm sorry...

The Tourist

Dec 23, 2001
...and it will never happen again!

For the first time in about three months, I didn't carry my AR yesterday. Yeah, I know.

I lugged a titanium CQC7 yesterday, just 'cause I got it back and it had a fresh edge.

Yikes, I kept checking my pocket, because it felt so light. When I used it, it felt so *dainty* that I just freaked. I went home, rotated the CQC7 out of my jeans and put the AR back where it belongs.

Yes, I know that Ernie and Bob Terazuola are responsible for the sport we now know and love. A tanto is a great design. But, different strokes for different folks. I like my AR and I await my SnG.
Thanks, Mick. I gave the CQC7 (970ST) to my wife last night. She is a slasher, a whacker and uses anything with an edge to pry like a crowbar. She also has a tendency to put knives away after wiping the oil off of them and dropping them into any foul liquid laying around. She has a home business, so we get lots of UPS packages. It would be fun to watch her mangle the boxes if it wasn't so distructive to any knife within arms' reach. One night it was my AR!

If you ever make a left-handed knife, that your marketing department has targeted for women, send it to my wife for a week's trial. I'll send you back the pieces.
It's good to know my wife is not the only female knife destruction specialist. Prying, leaving goo on the blades and in the mechanisms, and then of course leaving them in unfriendly environments so they rust and corrode. :(