Mick's new customs...PIC


Oct 11, 1998

:eek: :D

The first sets are wrapped in desert tan cord. They also feature full kydex lined sheaths and "Strider" OD Green canvas storage pouches.


Measured from the top finger guard to tip, they are 7.5" and 6.5" in blade length.

Sole authored by Mick.

These kick-ass.

That is a great looking set!

Warmest wishes,


PS some of my pictures may be posted in a couple of days :)
Wow. I've been interested in those since I saw the Bad Axe thread. What are the specs? total length, blade width, all that stuff. Also what are they called? besides awesome.

I left a message on your phone...give me a call when you have a moment. Thanks.

p.s. Now I see why Mick is staying Sooooooo busy!:eek: :eek:
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Mick's new customs...PIC

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Kinda creepy if you ask me.

Woops! Usually the profanity gets censored, but the intent is still decipherable.

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I don't know who edited Spark's post. When I posted the link last night, all 8 letters of "bull****" were there.:confused:
Spark is still messing around configuring the new software (and will be for a good while yet). The autocensor was disabled for a couple of hours while he was geeking around with the system, that's all, and now it's working again. There is no conspiracy. Sorry.

That's the official story and that's all I have been authorized to say about it. The fireball seen above the east coast was only a meteor and has nothing to do with it. Area 51 is used to grow tobacco in a secret effort (so far unsuccessful) to make a better cigar and destroy the Communist economy of Cuba. The President is a human being and is not controlled by alien telemetry in any way. Tom Mayo did not catch a loathesome disease from perverted acts committed with an underage gecko lizard.