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Micra or CrossCut?

Nov 8, 1998
I have been carrying a Leatherman Micra for a while now. Recently I noticed a hitch in the scissors which prevents the edges from lining up correctly. I could send it to Leatherman and hope that they fix it under warranty, or I could buy a new Micra. I have only had a couple of problems with the Micra, namely rust spots and tweezers which don't line up that well anymore.

I also have the option of looking at another mini-tool. One that I am considering is the SOG CrossCut. It has a toothpick vs. the Micra's phillips head. Since I plan to carry my SwissTool, I would be concentrating on the performance of the scissors, nail file and tweezers. Does anyone have opinions on which one is better, especially in regards to ease of carry and durability?

SOG also offers a titanium nitride hard coated CrossCut for $10 more. Is it worth it?

How long have you had your Micra? I recently bought one but have`nt really used it much yet. Do you think theres a durability problem? To me it looks like a well made little tool.
My Micra shows wear after using it daily for over a year now. I still love it. I bent the tweezers some but other than that I can't find a thing wrong with it. I work this little tool hard and I use it more than any knife I own. I haven't use the SOG but if anything happens to the Micra, I will just get another.

I've had my Micra for about 2 years 2 months.
As far as durability, I've read reviews where problems were encountered with rust and easily damaged knife blade and phillips screwdriver.

I've used and carried both, and as far as scissors, the Micra wins hands down. At first I thought the Crosscut would be a better "heavy duty" cutter but not so. The Micra makes easier and better cuts in thin or thick material than the SOG. Also the toothpick in the SOG is really too blunt to be of any use, and the plastic seems cheap. The Micra is slightly thinner and has a smoother finish. The Cross Cut "gears" at the pivot end are in my opinion just decoration and actually just get in the way. It does come with a cheap plastic case though. The SOG is made pretty well, but IMHO, the Micra is the better of the two.

Also, don't be at all hesitant about sending ANYTHING Leatherman makes back to them, no matter WHAT the problem, (bent scissors, rust, stripped phillips head, whatever). I've had one of their Mini-Tool's for about fifteen years. I actually hammered on it once in an emergency, (bending the handle out of shape), and TOLD them I did. They cheerfully instructed me to send it to them and they completely refurbished it and sent it back good as new, no charge, and quick. They are a great company and stand behind their products 100%. Contact Leslie in their customer service dept. if you ever need anything fixed.
I've carried my micra since they first came out, and I can't believe the materials I've cut with the scissors! They still cut like they did the first day. Everything else works fine also, although the tweezers don't really work any better than any of the "knife tweezers". In fact, I like it so well, I bought three more for $14 a piece at Target just before Christmas. Gave one away, but I may hang on to the others. I'd be lost without one.