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Microtech Amphibian

Dec 6, 2000
I saw an ad for this knife in a magazine - it says that it's available at dealers now. Has anyone seen it? Any idea of the price? What is the plunge displacement lock and rotary cam safety? Does Microtech have a web site?
MicroTech does have a website.

Patrick from Triple Aught Design did a review of the original prototype that was introduced at the 2000 Blade show.

I think you'll find more information over on Knifeforums.com as they house the MicroTech forums. All the new MT stuff debuts there first.

Here is a Link to some of the information and pictures.

Some other sneak previews from MicroTech includes thier about to be introduced Credit Card Knife, the MT/Lightfoot Wolverine fixed blade and the Socom Elite Tanto.

More new product news will be forthcoming over on Knifeforums.com.