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Oct 20, 1999
I just put an order thru KNIFEOUTLET for the new MT MCTX5-CF. The knife is sweet and I am sure it will be fine, but it was a spontaneous purchase, and I am worried. I have read a few articles and reviews over the last 24hrs dealing with MT having tolling issues which caused lock problems.

Does anyone have this piece? Has anyone heard of such issues? I have had three MT's and they have ALL been great knives. I just want to know if I am going to be shipping this puppy to the manufacturer for tweaking before I get to "CLIFF-STAMP" it. :)

Happy Holidays!

SLD from Seattle

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Sep 22, 2002

I have a CMTX-5 manual in green canvas micarta, and I love it. However, it does have some issues you should be aware of. First of all, the automatic versions have been all but recalled, due to engineering issues. Apparently someone was asleep at the drafting table when this puppy got cleared for production. If you've got a manual, though, it's all good. The proprietary screws can be a bitch, but I broke down and bought a set of MT wrenches, so that's not a problem for me anymore. There's one thing which really pissed me off, though - when I tried to tighten my pivot, I sheared the screw head right off the shaft. It seems that the diameter of the screw shaft is just about identical to the diameter of the center hole in the head, so there's not much metal holding the shaft to the head. Bonehead error on my part, because as it happens, a slightly out-of-tolerance bushing and not the screw tightness was the cause of my loose blade. Overall, I love it. Spine-whacked it multiple times across the edge of a door. No failures at all. Thinking of buying one in CF.


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Sep 23, 2003
I have a CMTX5 manual Carbon Fiber half serrated, I quite like the knife although it does have some slight lateral blade play. I tried tightening the pivot but as above the screw has dimensions similar to a drawing pin (big head thin dody) so I don't want to torque it too much :eek: It locks up pretty well and looks sweet. As a user though I prefer my BM520 ;)