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Microtech dealers in Texas???


Feb 14, 2001
Does anyone know of any brick and mortar or online dealers of Microtech and/or MOD in Texas? I tried MH Diamond in Tyler with no luck. Thanks for any info.
Frank Castle,

Called MH Diamond about three weeks ago and inquired about a manual action mini-socom and a manual action lcc and was told "nah man, haven't had any of those in a while". The person said they had one lcc automatic. I found this response interesting, since Microtech lists MH Diamond as a distributor, not dealer, for their products. With the less than professional response I received, wouldn't do business with them anyway. Thanks.

I see. I thought you were looking for a Brick & Mortar store that carried Microtech and MOD in Texas.

The Mini Socoms are discontinued. So, if you want on now is the time to search the net to see who will have one.(Not me)

I had a hard time trying to get a hold of the MA LCCs. No one had them in stock. Not even Microtech. I have very few left in Ti bolster.

Thanks for your help guys
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Frank Castle:
The I have very few left in Ti bolster.

Is the Ti bolster version any lighter than the stainless? I looked at one of these at the Denver gun show and thought it was awfully heavy. As I recall, the ambi thubstud prevented me from even clipping it my pocket...?


The Weight of the two are approximately the same. It is merely the bolster material that changed. The steel handles remain the same.

Some prefer the Titanium bolster versions to send out for custom Work.WWW.banditknives.com will even trade anyone a beat up Ti bolster for a spankin' new Aluminum bolster version-

Your right with the wieght issue. The LCC certainly is no Spyderco Delica.