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Microtech, Emerson, Chris Reeve Forums


Jan 8, 1999
I have one question. Why aren't the Microtech, Emerson Knives, and Chris Reeve Forums on BladeForums.com? It seems to me that KF is pretty much dead. The number of posts over there have been steadily dwindling. The manufacturers aren't getting the internet coverage they should on KF and I am hoping that we can drum up enough support to pull them over here. I'll bet that most of the hits on the KF manufacturer forums are from BF lurkers wanting updates, or Mad Dog fanatics, but aren't members. Am I alone with this wish? I think Mike and Spark would love to add some of these forums to our little abode on the net. Let Mike and Spark know how you feel!

The idea has my support. I seldom check anything but the CRK forum over there, unless something catches my eye on the general forum. I would love to do all my chatting at one place.

I have no problem with any of the makers you listed. But please, let's not bring McKlung over too. The entire reason why I burden BF with my presence and not KF is because of him and his groupies zany antics. Every other post over there is a "ME TOO!".
The above folks would benefit coming over, but the nicety of doing it might prevent them, some have been with them a long time and unless it completely closes shop, I'm afraid they are in for the long haul.


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it's the money.
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Perhaps we should politely request through email, that these fine makers include BF as a factory site like they have done on KF. When KF started running really slow, I moved over here. After recent events, I am inclined to stay here even more. This site has set a high standard for other non-comercial sites to match.

I think I will email CRK right now and request/suggest they establish a presence here as well.

Stay sharp,
Chris Reeve, Microtech and Emerson are all welcome to have their forums over here.

The Emerson forum is in the works right now, however we need to have a moderator for that forum and we would like more input from the Emerson camp than what we have seen at KF. Simply a few posts a week would wet my appetite.

If Chris and Anne want to have a forum over here, I would be very happy to host it for them. They are good people and deserve all the exposure they get and we would be happy to give them more.

I have already talked to Microtech but until they agree to actively participate in the forums, or appoint a moderator, it is a no go.

We will not host a forum without active participation from the manufacturer. They can choose what ever moderator they want but we still need to make sure each post from that moderator is approved by the maker.

The good news is that the AKTI forum is a go! CJ Buck of Buck Knives will be the moderator and Sal, Les De Asis and Jan along with others will help out as well so hold all your AKTI questions til we have it up. It should be up by this weekend.

Also in July I will reveal several new ideas I have for BladeForums which will have a heavy impact on the industry as a whole so stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Mike -- did Les agreed to move BM here at BF?

Also, let's get Cold Steel to have their own forum here also!
At this time Benchmade has stated that they want to continue to maintain their own forum on their site.

This does not mean that they are adverse to taking part in the discussions here, and they (along with others) *do* monitor these forums regularly.

If you want them, or any other manufacturer, to have a more solid prescence on these forums, it's up to you guys to convince them that it's in their best interest to do so.
Both Mike and myself have made it clear that they, like the other manufacturers here, would be provided a forum free of charge, which would eliminate their needing to maintain software, hosting, or bandwidth concerns. Their only cost would be their time, as we must have a commitment from them that they will answer product questions and queries.

As we've only said, the only cost is the time spent answering questions, which (in truth) is actually time saved since it helps eliminate repetitive questioning.

Just like everything else in customer service, if you want something to happen, you must let them know your desires.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Great news about AKTI!
I have been wanting to see the others here as well. I have started wondering wether or not the reason for not coming was really because it does seem to keep a moderator very busy. I am sure they would see a lot more activity here as well. I personally feel any knife company that wants to have it's pulse on the market needs to have a pressence here.


Tom Carey

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I'm new to BladeForums, but I would definitly be interested in seeing all 3 manufactures here. Count my vote.
Glad to hear we're getting an AKTI forum!

The Benchmade Forum was, as far as I recall, the first web-based knife forum. When I first got hooked on the Internet, there was the rec.knives news group and the Benchmade Forum, and that was all. I think it would be understandable if Benchmade wanted to keep the oldest of the knife forums under their own roof.

It is, of course, possible for a company to have forums in two different places, as Himalayan Imports does. Meanwhile, we can keep on clicking over to different web pages; it doesn't take that much more effort.

OK, I understand BM's position.

As for Cold Steel, I think I'll write Lynn a letter thru snail mail (doesn't have an email?) and ask him to have his own forum here.
I'm casting my vote to have CRK here. That's the only reason why I go to KF. I'm here 99.9% of the time.

As owner of 3 Emeersons, I would love to see a forum for Emerson Knives at BF! Thanks for the topic! Keep it sharp. Dark Ninja