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Microtech Kestrel first pics!

Oct 2, 1998
OK there not pics but they are line art drawings of the new knife. What do you guys think!

The manual version...

The auto version.

I think they look like something out of STAR Trek! My kind of knife!

Thanks to Jim a Broken Arrow for the drawings!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Actually it reminds me more of that bug movie, what was the name? Starship Troopers. The bugs looked similar cool.
scary f*'n knife! I expect it will be as kickass as the socom

Do you have any dimensions on the knife?

=- Craig
I like it. Nice ergonomic handle IMO. Sort of like the MOD Keating Hornet. Can't wait.

Thanks mike.


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And to think that no pix of the Kestrel were supposed to be released until the SHOT show.

Hope you guys like the name too, otherwise you've got me to blame. (Well, Tony Marfione, too, since he approved it.

As long as the pix are out, I can tell you it feels just GREAT in the hand as well, having had a chance to handle the prototypes a couple of months back.

This one will be a keeper.

See y'all in about ten days. I'll be computerless thanks to Uncle Sam.


Live Free or Die

Kinda reminds me of Spyderco's Shabaria(or however its spelled), but looks alot more "tactical" then the Spyderco. Will this knife have the new lock MicroTech is suppose to be designing??
Very nice knife. Now, if they would only use 440V or 420V.
If that's their Kestrel, I'd be scared to see what their Eagle looks like!

Here's a photo of the real life American Kestrel, a.k.a. sparrow hawk, which is about the size of a blue jay.



Hay Blues,

Did Tony give you a knife for using your name for the Kestral, if He didn’t He should have.

Take Care,


"Every Dog Has His Day"


Well if the pics were not to be released until Shot color me the bad guy. As Johnny Carson would say "I did not know that".

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

OK Here is an actual pic stolen from Tom Kyle's Moonlight site!


<a href="http://www.kasallmicrotech.com/mt_kestral_hawk.html">Click Here for more info from Tom Kyle's site and more cool pics!</a>

Hey Tom,
You take some great pics buddy!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Now thats what I call a thumb knob!! Its about time someone made some bigger than a pin head.
Exceptional design.

The only thing radical here is the hawk blade which is not new, but which has always been a radical tactical blade concept. The handle is ergonomic in shape and the scalloped area facilitates speed opening and a natural placing of the index finger when open. The addition of a screw at the bottom of the frame allows for user adjustabable lock tension and addresses a topic of much recent controvery.

This design represents solid EVOLUTIONARY design and engineering.

Given the expected price points this piece can only serve to further MT's reputation and popularity.

Thanks for the pics Mike.

Ron Knight
Guys, Check out April 1999 Blade Magazine, they put the picks in it on page 43!!

I love the collored spacers on the back, and they put a different lock mechanism on it supposedly...

It looks cool, I want one, but if I get one I'll just wanna take it apart...

Alan Folts..
I did the ad for the April 99 issue of blade magazine for Microtech!

Also wait 'til you see the Vector®!

I'm going this Friday to Vero Beach to pick mine (s)!

Awesome knives!

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

Just when you would think that all the designs that can be thought of have come out, <WHAM> this is unleashed! What a cool design!!!!!

Does anybody know if Reese was involved in this knife at all.

I think this will be a hugh sucess!

Beam me up Scotty!

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Reese had nothing to do with this one, but maybe in the future you will see some kind of collaboration...

Just my 2¢

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer


Don't just leave us hanging! What's the "skinny" on the Vector????


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

Ok, ok!

The Vector will be that handle that you see there but with a blade that I designed...

You can see the whole prototype somewhere in this forum, if not e-mail me for a sample... the difference will be the opening hole (gone) and the series of holes in the blade will be replaced by slots.

It will be a limited run, some damascus, some Walter Brend's, some with different inserts, etc...

It's not a big knife (3.57" in blade length)
both in manual and auto.

That's it for now! ; )

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer