Microtech Kestrel

Nov 14, 1999
I just got a Microtech Kestrel from Pioneer
Valley.Its the 1st Microtech I bought.i think
its great.i have heard some bad things about
the SOCOM liner locks but the Kestrel seems like its a solid lock.i tried the Barr spine whack test-it passed.i was impressed with the
fit on this knife,the tolerences are some of the tightest I've seen.i really like their new type off liner lock
Any one else have this knife-whats your opinion ROB

I just visited Microtech in Vero Beach, FL last week. I talked with Tony and a few of the guys working in the shop and I was VERY impressed with the entire process.

I purchased a Kestrel from the shop and it has already become my new daily carry. I've made a few slight adjustments to the action (not recommended as it may void the warranty) it was a little stiff at first but now it's nearly perfect.

My ONLY complaint about the entire design is that it is a little small for my hands. The way the handle is designed makes it feel like a great defensive knife but the pointed end barely sticks out past the heel of my hand.

If you aren't already sold on the design, just keep playing with it. If you still aren't happy with it, let me know and we might be able to work something out.



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My Kestrel was fine out of the box.I was surprised it was so smooth,it really did'nt need much breaking in.You're right about the size.If they built a bigger one I would of bought it.A few weeks ago I bought a MOD Tempest,the way it was made reminded me of a
Microtech but it was very stiff-even after a
100 openings and some oil.The worst part was
the liner would get stuck every time I opened it,even if i did it slow.I got a sore thumb and most of the time I had to pry the liner to the side with a coin cause my thumb could'nt do it.I sent it back and I'm still waiting for the return

One thing that REALLY impressed me about Microtech was the fact that Tony Marfione was right there, micrometer in hand, checking pieces before they went into the knives. Talk about getting hands-on treatment of your knife.

I'm glad to hear that you like your Kestrel.

Now, if we could just get a larger one...

I toured the MT factory about 8 months ago on my way back to Jacksonville from Miami. They treated me as a welcomed guest! All I need to say is I owned 3 Microtechs at the time---I now own 11!! Enough said!!


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I own a handful of MT's myself.

I went to visit the facility with Tom Kyle and Jerry Siedlar around this time last year (more or less).

Not only did Tony and company make me feel welcome, but he decided to adopt the name I suggested for a small hawkblade prototype he showed me that day.

That knife? The Kestrel.

As a result, I now own one of the first Kestrel prototypes and a very nice letter from Tony commemorating the naming of the knife.

A nice experience for me. One I won't soon forget.


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Had a Kestrel and thought it was a very well made knife, the grinds on the blade were to be envied! Action was nice, lock up solid, my only reason for selling it was the grip of the handle, the Hawkbill type blades are more of a draw type cut and the handle seems to limit you to the various grips you can use. The Hawk by Microtech looks better in that respect and the blade is longer/wider as well, though I really like the size of the Kestrel, just wished they kept the contours of the handle similar to the Hawk. But hey, that's just me. The fellow I sold it to really loves it and finds NO fault with the knife, it's an auto version and he collects autos, where I really don't keep autos very long, like to get them and use them for a bit but not for long...


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Well the above post is pretty dated, but since I JUST got my manual plain edged black bladed Kestrel I have to admit that I really like it, it is extremely well made and very sharp out of the box, lock up is tight as a drum, fairly smooth but I'm sure will get smoother. Have to thank Brian_T for this new toy as he and I worked out the details. Thanks Brian, the handle fits my hand just about right, I think the Hawk would be too big, though I've been searching for a deal on one of those for a while, but now having the Kestrel I think I was smart in waiting as this seems to be the right size blade.

MicroTech, very good job!


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Gary, I've heard of MT as being a step above a Benchmade in overall quality.

Are they that good? Would you cut carpet all day with yours?
Smoke, right now Benchmade doesn't have a knife in this category that I know of, hawkbill design, and most of the Benchmade knives I've had have had a thicker edge than MT grinds on theirs so I'd have to say they the MT would slice better, but the BM might take more abuse due to the thicker edge? I'll take a thinner edge anyday of the week though. It's a graceful design, I'll give them that!
The 154CM is pretty good stuff, about the same as the ATS-34 from what I've read, the edge on this is impressive out of the box, and I sharpen a LOT of knives.

I too love my Kestrel. Took a while for it to get here from 1 stop knife shop (they couldn't get a silver bladed plain edge so they called me up and asked if I would take a black bladed plain edge. I did.) but I absolutely adore this thing. The quality is just amazing. The handle feels like it was crafted for my hands. I would have liked a bigger version and the Hawk sounds like it would fit my desires but I can't legally own an auto. Still, it's a great piece of cutlery and even non-knife people at a birthday party admired it when I leant it to a friend to open a gift.

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