Microtech Knives

Jun 10, 1999
Why are Joel Pierla, Microtech knives so expensive, are they "Handmade" if not what makes them so much better than IE: Spyderco or Emerson? They look really nice but are they as functionally sound or even that much better than some of the other manufactured knives to command such a price? Microtech fans don't get upset I'm only asking because I have no idea.
To the best of my knowledge they are factory made in Florida. I think what sets them apart from most companies is that they truly build their knives EXCLUSIVELY for Armed Forces and people who carry automatic knives. The manual offerings are just a couple bones they throw to the regular knife buying public, they make pieces to suit serious needs. I am not going to address the SOCOM lock failure, because frankly I know nothing about it either way. Most of the auto MicroTech knives I have seen have been of such obvious quality that you feel like you are holding something closer to a gun then a kitchen knife. The only other production company I know of that makes knives of similar and consistent quality is EDI, and from then on in you get great companies that make knives for the rest of us tactical hounds.


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Basically, it boils down to fit and finish. Especially where the OTF's are concerned. There is also considerable hand-fitting of parts in knices like the Nemesis, Halo, etc.
They are definately the best production knives I've seen. The Sebenza would be a close second.

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I agree with Mercury on the:' more like holding a gun than a kitchen knife' line. I was like you at first, being skeptical and all but MT Really opened my eyes. After reading and finding much about their knives, i decided to give it a try and bought a HALO 2. Bare with me that i'm staying all the way in MALAYSIA and i've not touch or seen the REAL thing! It was a revelation to the word factory made (NO, i'm not a MT salesman), precise considering it C.N.C made. I have friends who are not knife friendly too thinks it is beautiful. I'm not speaking on behalf of people who have MT which are 'not that good' in condition, its just that i got lucky and had a close to perfect one. It was worth my money, i'm not sure about it being military or collectable but it is in its class of its own. (Benchmade, emerson or any other knife fans, please do not get mad at my two cents worth.)

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Microtech knives quality is second to none. An extensive amount of multi-angled CNC grinding goes into each knife (the pieces are not just 'cut-out' of stock). More time is taken with each piece than say a Spyderco or Benchmade, and Microtech is a much smaller company. I have many of their knives, but I also know many people who do not appreciate the diffence in quality or don't think that it is worth the extra $.
I own some nice automatic knives,but i just purchased a HaloII also and ,not only was it bought for a good price,but I can see why people rave over Microtech knives. Thes knives are truly collector type items i think and nothing is wrong in just collecting a item whether a knive , gun , or car. I will just keep carrying my utility type SW auto. If it gets dinged up who cares!
When I got my first Microtech (L-UDT) a few years ago, I was thoroughly impressed. Roughly two years later, I received my Halo2 and I was blown away.

You must handle these knives and play around with them. They're beautiful.

I just received a D/A Tanto SOCOM and I am once again pleased beyond my expectations.