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Microtech LCC - stonewash or bead blast?

Oct 1, 1999
I'm openly drooling over this knife, having just seen pics of it a couple of days ago. Why is the stonewash more expensive than bead blast, and what are its advantages? I know this may be a stupid question, but I don't know the answer. I suppose it would be more stupid not to ask, especially since I always get GREAT responses from you excellent folks!

Chris Turner

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Beadblast shows scratches much easier, and rusts much faster in most cases. I was unaware that it was more expensive, but even if it is, I's still go for it.


Cool beans. I wasn't aware this was a consideration with stainless steels such as 154cm, but I'll heed your words and go with the stonewashed. Thanks!
Stainless should really be 'stain resistant,' but that doesn't sound as catchy.
The rust thing is not as important, as the beadblast showing every single scratch you get on the blade, weheras the stonewash is already scratched, but in all sorts of random directions, so new scratches don't who as much.


I've been looking over the MT LCC too and have set my wallet on the stonewash. IMHO for a using knife, this is just about the best non-coated finish there is. My girlfriend commented when I told here what 'stonewash' means: "You mean you actually pay more for a knife that comes ready scratched?"
I'll post the dissenting opinion. I'm waiting to get a LCC D/A and I don't like the looks of MT's stonewash at all. I'll get the bead blast and treat it occasionally just to avoid the stonewash.