MicroTech LCC, whats all the HYPE?

I mean.......,
it's well made,
very good blade shape
solid lock up
good steel
thin edged
nice bolsters, slanted no less!
Carbon Fiber scales....that can be exchanged with something later if desired
Dual Thumbstuds that really work and don't hurt your thumbs
an inline place for a fob, and a fob is included and works
sexy spacers
choices of blade finishes for those picky guys, I have the blade plain edged model btw
blade grind that is ground up high leaving a nice flat grind that really slices well
lowered tip that makes it easier to put it to use on a table
thick liners
priced below $150.....

gee....I guess it's worth all that hype!

Happy new MT owner here! possibly going for the DA when they come out....


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Feb 25, 2000
Well said Gary. Every one of your points is dead on. How they're able to put this knife out at that pricepoint is beyond me. (Can I go so far as to assume that your fondness of this knife might also be slightly influenced by the fact that the LCC sports the closest thing to a Wharncliffe blade that I've ever seen on an MT product?

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Gary, another minor detail that I forgot to mention, but really like is the way the pocket clip is recessed into the carbon fiber scales where it attaches to the knife. How cool is that for $139?

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You got me pardner! I'm an open book to you guys!

That recess is an addition that they didn't have to do but did and you are right, I forgot about that little extra!

I can do so easily now, but as with most new folders it did take a couple of days of playing with it to get the action slicked up a little bit.

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Gary, i agree with you! I finally got to play with one at Cheasapeake knife and tool in the Mall near Goucher College. If i had enough cash, i would have bought it on the spot! man, that blade was slick! Incredible quality. It was 190 there, which is a reason why I couldnt get it, but i was considering it. Incredible knife!
I can count on one hand the knives that are worthy of all the hype they recieve. The LCC is one of them. The design is nice, but it really deserves the hype in the bang for buck category. Unbelievable that you can get a knife of an almost custom caliber for around $140 +/-.

If I could only buy one folder this year it would be the LCC. I would also pick up an Al Mar S2K (another worthy of the hype) if I could buy 2.

Dennis Bible
Had a chance to handle one at the local store yesterday and it deserves all the hype.

Amazing quality, fit and finish was flawless.

Opened smoothly and quickly. Locking bar went to the right spot on the tang, did not stick on release.

Solid construction, good grip.

This piece sets a high water mark for production folders. A great value for the money.
Hey guys, about 3 weeks ago at the knife show here in Memphis, I was honored to have Pat Crawford come by my table and check out my goods. I had only a couple of his pieces in my case.....A Crawford Neck knife & a Damascus Crawford Kasper also. Well, he looked the goods over and I handed him Microtech's newest baby.....the LCC! He spent about 25 minutes looking over this knife, he said he had heard about it, but not handled it yet. When I told him it only retailed for $149 he could not believe it. He stated a knife of this quality should be well worth over $200-$250. I thought that was very interesting and yet an awesome statement for this knife

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