microtech lightfoot da

Feb 22, 2001
I just received a new microtech lcc dual action knive. I am having a very hard time opening the thing automatically. The action is very stiff and my thumb is sore. Any suggestions as to what I can do to lighten the action? Would it do any good to loosen the screw that the action pivots on? I really like the fit and finish on this knife. I also came with a case and the upgraded clip.

My LCC dual action was also very stiff and hard on my thumb when I first received it. However, after firing it a dozen or so times it really loosened up and now I have absolutely no problem. Also, I've found tht there is a "sweet spot" that you'll find (only through experience/multiple openings) that makes opening the knife easier. Good luck and enjoy; it's a great knife!
Wasn't there a thread on this very topic somewhere here in the last week or so? If I find it I'll post the link.

Thanks for the input everyone. Where do I find Tuf-Glide?

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Hi Konrado,

In case nothing works I'll trade you for my Stone washed plain edged Microtech LCC and even throw in the shipping

Best Scouting wishes fromHolland,