microtech mini socom manual reviews


Nov 4, 2000
does anyone have this knife and is it better then say (benchmade mini afck)
Just received a mini Socom today! No comparison, the Microtech is much better than the mini Afck. I now have one of each, the lock on the Microtech is almost twice as thick as the mini Afck. Much stronger,much more solid. In my opinon that is !
Just got mine today (I must live one day further away fro 1SKS). Was carrying my Benchmade today. The Microtech is more blade for the size of the package than many knives, it is also lighter than I would have thought. Action is no where near as silky as my Benchmade but that will come as I break it in. The handle is a bit small for some grips. I don't have the biggest hands in the world, but a little more handle might be nice, that is the trade off for the compact package. For a daily carry hard use knife this is deffinately what I will be carrying from now on. One thing I didn't like at first, but is growing on me is the clip placement. It is below the pivot so it rides higher than say my Dark Star. So I thought of removing the clip and just using the lanyard for drawing it. Then I realized that with the clip that low there wasn't much length below the clip and found that it fits in the watch pocket very well. Normally I can only carry sub 3" blades there since Levi's redesigned the pocket 10 or 15 years ago.

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Quality wise the mini socom is far superior to the Mini AFCK. It feels much more solid as well. If u do get one, dont be surprised at the initial gritty feeling upon opening, this will gradually go away as the blade and milled in "washers" wear to each other.