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microtech mini SOCOM

Nov 13, 1999
Is Microtech mini SOCOM a good utility
knife ?

If it is, which type of blade would be better ? clip point or tanto ?

[This message has been edited by agusto5225 (edited 23 November 1999).]
I own the auto version/ clip point/ partial serration. While I feel it is very well made, very snappy on the opening and none-the-less, feels great in the hand, it would not be my first pick for heavy use. It seems many a knife Gurus definitely don't mind pushing their knife to the extreme, I would be afraid of destroying this little gem. I am a UPS driver, and I would not want to use this for box-cutting or any other thing that us UPS dudes use a blade for, however, I'm confident it would hold up in the time of need tho with either type point you choose.
agusto5225: I strongly suggest using the search feature for Microtech and mini-SOCOM discussions on this forum and the General Forum. The mini-SOCOM has been getting the least favorable reviews of the entire Microtech lineup, and for that reason I'd hesitate to recommend it. But you might want to search for the previous discussions and decide for yourself.

All of the Microtechs I have seen are top notch (as well they should be for the price). The most usual negative I hear about the mini socom is that it is too small.

Dennis Bible
Knoxville, Tennessee