Just wondering about how the quality & materials compare between Microtech knives and MOD. I am considering the MOD Trident. Any thoughts?
Fit, finish, and overall craftsmanship seem identical. I have a Trident and a Hornet and they both compare favorably with my SOCOMS and mini-SOCOM.

I have owned both brands. As stated above, fit, finish, and materials are identical. My wife loves her Lady Hawk.
Thanks for the info. In that case, I may order a Trident today. Im still trying to decide between it, a BM Sentinel, or one of the manual Paragon X-O Lites
Hey Spoonslayer - I've got a black coated plain edge Trident. Sweet knife. It's every bit the quality knife that my M/A SOCOM is. I've owned the Sentinel too. IMHO, the Trident is a better knife in every way.


Deo Vindice