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May 20, 1999
Microtech is a well-respected knife manufacturer, probably best known for their automatics. If you receive no definitive responses in this forum, you might want to ask in the Automatic Forum.

go to the above page. It has some good info about Microtechs and their quality.
Hello BACKUP21, the microtech socoms are great, i'd say the best in close tolerances, very precise lines, but i'm sorry, behind thoughs lines and perfect image is a piece of crap. Sorry if this affends socom owners, but i want to tell you the truth, i own socoms, all manual, one clip point large, the second tanto large, both of these knives failed the blade whack test, the clip failed 8 out of 10 times, and the tanto 6 out of 10 times, everyone i speak to have the same complaint, im sorry, but go for the Spyderco Military. or an AFCK.-These past the tests, not once did they fail......
Rage: With all due respect, you are full of wrong, wrong, wrong. All Socoms I own, 50% have failed the linerlock test initially,i.e., whack em and they fail. Then they, each one of them, seat properly and you couldn't get the lock to fail. You got one that will fails any liner lock test, send it to me (I'll pay shipping and return). MT's have the best liner locks of any production knife on the market.
I'll urge you guys to also try the torque test. I've been wedging the knife into some very thick cardboard, and torquing it hard. I end up torquing my folders enough that it's always worth testing -- give that a try, too!

In fact, Microtech is the only company who's liner locks I truley trust. I'd put my $$$ on a Microtech's liner lock any day over a Military, or an AFCK. -AR

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hello again, sorry if i came off sounding to harsh, don't get me wrong, my socoms are my favorite and most precisely made folders in my collection, it's just that both my socoms keep failing, yes i do see the liner mold more to the tang, but every "hard" whack i give em, they keep failing, sorry. PS, JP, try giving your socoms a hard whack, not a tap, a WHACK., if yours dont fail, i guess my two socoms are crap.......
I can't see the real purpose in a folder with a tanto point, and I don't care for the look. But anyway, I think you should go for the Spyderco Starmate- a lot cheaper but a great knife.

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I rotate a clip point SOCOM through my daily carry pieces and have never had a problem with lock up. Knife has been whack tested numerous times with no problem. Well, maybe the desk, table, counter are a little worse for wear

Buy one and use it. I don't think you will be disappointed.
The SOCOM has good ergonomics, but my main problem with it is the clip location. It's situated too low, making the knife stick out of the pocket too far for my tastes, I was always brushing stuff against it.


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I've owned six SOCOMs over the last year. Like alot of folks said, they do appear to be more precisely and sturdily made than Spydies and others. I have sold all and would never touch another, as I never had one that wouldn't fail repeatedly. Yes, you can whack the crap out of them and the lock will "seat", once I got one to seat the pivot worked and sounded like it had gravel in it. I had to lube it and work the action extensively before it was back to "normal". I don't think I'll ever understand why one would spend far more on one than on the average folder, when even their most ardent supporters admit that they must be whacked before they work properly. Is there any reason why they can't be tested, adjusted and seated properly before they leave the "Ferrari of the knife world's" factory.

I suppose if you're going to get your fingers cut off, you might as well go first class!!! I doubt if the doctors and nurses would be very impressed if you chopped them off with a zytel handled knife with a freakin' HOLE in the blade.

pojim - You may commence flaming!!!
I own a black tanto socom and a min socom in silver. Both are beautiful pieces. The Tanto is too big to carry everyday. As far as durability is concerned, I have used my knives over the years for everything...EVERYTHING that I could imagine, and the only knife I had that failed (out 0f 20 or so BM's, Spydies, Sog's, and Wengers) the only failure I experieinced was w/ a buck lite!

I paid 150 for my SOCOM TANTO and I think it was worth every penny...I paid That combined for an AFCK and Military, but the alum handle is beefier, and blade is sharper on the socom...

NOTE: check production dates on blade...collector value and chances of bad :lots: are common issues here!

happy new year!