Microtech UDT, first impressions...

Feb 27, 2000
I just recieved my MT UDT partial serrated blade today. Awesome knife, fit and finish are outstanding. An excellent buy!!

Sharp: cuts like a razor, but I can't get it to shave arm hair....think it's me....

Finish: Excellent, deep, rich anodizing on handle and spacers. The gunmetal blue/grey spacers are very cool.

Fit: Super tight, no play in any direction and blade is perfectly centered when closed and doesn't move side to side.

Action: Very strong, almost a leap out of your hand type. However, sometimes it catches and won't open without a slight shake or tug on the blade, I think this is a newness issue.

Size and Weight: Perfect "penknife size" carring in shorts with no pockets. Weight, hard to notice it's there.

Okay, my only MINOR complaint is the clip. It's skeletonized, which looks cool, but it seems weak. I snagged very lightly and bent it out from the knife. I think the tab that help it slide over your pocket needs to be somewhat flattened or somehow lower profile.

Buy this knife!!!! It is so awesome!
If you're looking for an inexpensive auto, notice I did NOT say cheap, this is the knife.

One more caution, hang onto it tight as everyone that sees it, wants one!

These are just my opinions, and of only one day, so no flames please.

Do it right,or not at all.

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