Microtech unveils new knife making technology!!

Oct 4, 1998
To celebrate the first day of April, Microtech have released a brand new kind of knife technology. Soon to be mass produced, you can take a peek at this new knife at:
www.spearpoint.com and check out the latest "feature" article. Don't miss this one!!!
Very funny, but watch out for Lucas and 20th Century Fox. They are hardcore when it comes to copyright infringement.

I'm now rolling on the floor...

Guess I'm to late to write a check? probably the last knife Id need to buy, AHH HA HA HA!!
Great job spear..Now I know where you are and what you do....Be talkin to you, don't eat any smelly fish!!
Thanks for the offer but I just got a new laser blade prototype from Cold Steel. It uses depleted Uranium as a powersource in the handle and workd much like a laser scalpel. The blade edge heats up to about 3700 degrees yet only a 1/2 back it is room temperature. The laser follows along a fiber optic cable with a hairline fracture which emits a non focused beam out about 10 microns. It cuts great! After a few months the price should come down to about 3,000 a piece and the Army wants them in the feild for their medics and not infantry. Should be a pretty cool knife.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I want one, but I may wait for the forthcoming OdoKen - a shape-shifting knife that is really an alien living creature.

He (Or she? We're not sure if shape-shifters have gender or not) weighs a few ounces, and has the intelligence and loyalty of a golden retriever. Propery trained, with exposure to knife shows, martial arts videos, and the Food Channel, he can assume an edge hardness of about RC80, and simulate anything from an X-Acto knife to chef's knife to a medium size Bowie from your favorite ABS Master Smith, sense the appropriate shape from your situation, and disguise himself as something soft and harmless when he feels the presence of a metal detector or x-ray. Repeated exposure to x-rays is bad for his long-term health, so you should keep him on your person at security checkpoints.

Odo WHO?

April Fools my butt! I want one! Let's talk financing.

Just a couple of questions first.
1. Can I get the blade engraved?
2. How do you sharpen the danged thing?

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

To those worried about Lucas: parody is always legal under US law.

Jim March
Hehehehe... got me going there for more than 5 minutes, with occassional bouts of sudden giggles whenever I remembered that illustration... hahahahahaha!!!

Geezuz, guys! You sure know how to brighten up April Fool's day!

Wow, 75,000 hits in one day for the exclusive article for the Microtech Blaze, this knife is more popular than I thought! I gotta call Tony and see if he is willing to do a mass production run of this baby.

And for those who didn't get the joke... Financing plans are available!!
Yes, and does it have a lock?? Don't want that puppy goin off in your pocket, you might loose your sword..

David you must use crunchy!!!Has someting to do with the transfer of molecular particles!!