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Nov 1, 1998
Hello to all: Irecently handled my first microtech and was curious. I have read many positive comments about them, even some saying that they prefered them over some Spydercos. What did you prefer about the Microtech? It seemed nice and all but what makes it a cut above? Please help.


Fondle it,carress it,play with it,feel it.M/T blows away spyderco and just about any outher knives.
I believe that would be the attention to detail, the exact tolerances, and the reputation.

Dennis Bible
MT's have the some of the highest consistent QC of any of the manufacturers. their rep is also second to none

Microtech is simply better than Spyderco in terms of quality control and consistency. I have never seen an improperly centered Microtech, or one that hit the spacer section of handle when closed. Never any blade play either. The lockup is always solid. When I buy a Microtech, I don't need to ask the dealer to inspect. When I buy any other brand, I always have to ask them to inspect for quality control errors.

Spyderco makes nice knives, but I simply cannot imagine being without my MT SOCOM. A Spyderco Civilian would be nice though.
One of my favorite folders of all time is the MT large SOCOM. The handle design allows for thumb and index finger placement for non slippage without putting traction grooves on the blade. The blade grinds, both n the tanto and clip point are perfect. The construction of the handles are perfect. The locking bar, in conjunction with the blade lock up are strong and play free. The clip design is strong and secure. The handle is a very good and carryable size for a knife with a 4" blade. The overall quality control, in my opinion, is the best in the business. These are other excellent production folders, but MT is definitley at the top of the list.
I have not found any similar sized model from any other manufacturer that can compare to my UDT. Lockup is tight, opening is great and for my hand size the handle has a perfect feel to it. Quality and attention to detail are things that make Microtech stand out above all others.
The quality of the fit and finish, the way the handles seem designed to feel just so right in your hand, and a very secure variant of the liner lock on their manual knives are the main reasons that MT is my favorite knife company. When you get a Microtech, you know you're getting a high quality product.

Simon Yu

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