Microtek LLC vs. Benchmade 800HS M2 AFCK

I have large (FAT) hands and am looking for a tactical carry folder. Anyone have both and might provide your perspective on these two choices? THANKS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Oct 26, 1998
For overall quality the Microtech wins, one of the nicest production folders I have come across. It is very comfortable in my not-slim-at-all-hands, solid lock-up, very tactical with a flat edge and a wicked tip.

The AFCK in M2 is also an excellent tool. The handle design is still one of my favorites, I own an exceptionally smooth model myself and the steel really cuts once you have applied an edge to it.

The LCC is much more attractive and will come sharper. The AFCK is a big black turd, but will serve you well.

If I was choosing one to buy today it would be the Microtech.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I have had over 15 BMenchmades most of them were automatic! I sold them all for Microtechs!! I have two LCC D/A and can tell you that its one of the Best knife Microtech has made!!
I lean heavily towards the AFCK, but wouldn't fault someone for buying either. I've handled and used the AFCK hard, but only handled the LLC.

On the handle side, Benchmade's ergonomics are usually far superior to Microtech's, but this is subjective, hands vary. The LLC is better than most Microtechs, but the AFCK has just incredible ergonomics that can't be beat -- yes, that's subjective, but everyone I've handed an AFCK to loved it, not as true with the LLC. Because of the LLC's thickness and weight, and the AFCK's length, neither are the most easily-carryable knives in the world.

Microtech's liner locks have, in my experience, generally been mediocre. Benchmade's have been superior. However, again, the LLC seems particularly well done, so this might not be as much of an advantage for Benchmade as it usually is.

Blade-wise, both have very functional blade shapes. The Spyderco-style opening hole (as on the AFCK) blows away any other opening system, in my opinion. The LLC will be much much sharper than the AFCK out of the box. Microtech has a better reputation for heat treat than Benchmade, I personally think it's overblown a bit, but Microtech may very well have an edge here. However, the M-2 AFCK will beat Microtech's 154-CM, even if the Microtech 154-CM beats Benchmade's ATS-34.

Microtech gets all the fit & finish details -- grind lines,action, handle shaping, etc. -- better than the vast majority of production companies. The AFCK is still compentent here.

For a pure heavy-use using knife, I'd go with M-2 AFCK.