Mid November Update

Bobby Branton

Dec 12, 1998
Ok, Here we go. Man, It sure has been a busy few months. I am finally getting back in the groove again. I am finished with the movie for now and have been working on clearing up the shop backlog of little special projects and long overdue orders. Some Branton / Brend folders are starting to ship. I have a few Marauder boot knives going out this week and about 12 model # 2 in the works that should start shipping next week. It looks like I will be attending the Las Vegas Classic on Jan 29-30 2005 as a tableholder, so I need to start getting some stuff ready.

This will be my first time displaying on the west coast or close to it.

I am trying to have a prototype of my new Branton / Ehlers West Wind folder in time for the show. I will also introduce our newest model "The Side Winder" in time for Vegas. This will be another piece in the Branton Ehlers Pit Viper series. I'll post a pic of the Side Winder next week. I am working on a new modern version of the Vorpal Scalpel with handles made from nice woods and other exotic materials and hope to have a few of them in Vegas. I have a large batch of the regular and deluxe Brend hatchets back from heat treat and need to grind them and send them to be coated. They should be available soon. No price on the hatchets at this time.