Midsize Hinderer Comparison photos?

Dec 29, 2005
With the Cryo II and Thermite already out in limited numbers, and the 0566 "right on the horizon" it would be cool to get some picture comparisons and in the hand reviews to sort out these three comparable knives. Larger than the Cryo, smaller than the first Hinderer releases, all AO, all Hinderer angled handles, but different blade shape, different scales (0, 1, 2 G10 sides), etc...

Patiently waiting for the first triple crown winner to post up.
Hopefully these might help. They were posted in another thread earlier today. I know they aren't in-hand pics, but they will at least show you comparison of how they stack up against each other :thumbup:

Which model is that top knife?

Edit: Nevermind, I found it.
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EXCELLENT! Thanks. These pictures really help show the similarities and differences of the top two Hinderer collaborations. For some reason I thought the Thermite was G10 on both sides, but thinking about the design it couldn't be. Don't know why that fallacy was stuck in my head.

Anyway, here's hoping the 0556 pics replace the bottom two knives soon.