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might be of interest

Jan 11, 2001
first post. i have been "lurking" off and on and we are finally going to give this a try.
do not know if this the right forum....
found this ad in salt lake city tribune and thought that it would be of interest.
randall knife collection. 19 knives total.
11 knives from mid 70's. all bought new by seller. 775-753-9353 elko nev.
i do not know this person but these type of knives seem to generate alot of interest from what i have read in the forums.
sorry if this was inappropriate for this forum, but this is one way to find out.
You might want to put this type of information in the "Exchange" section in the "Individual For Sale" forum. Since the Las Vegas Classic is coming up this next weekend, you might get a few extra inquiries on a collection like that.

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