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Mike Franklin - Hawg Knives

Any one have one, or had an opportunity to handle one? The design is unique and function is very limited, in my opinion.

I believe United Cutlery is marketing a production version of his knives.
Mike`s custom work is an artistic blend of titanium, carbon fiber and steel in a unique design that has become instantly recognizable in the industry.

Joy Industries sells cheap crap shaped like Mike`s Hawgs.
That's actually an improvement. Every time I've tried it recently, I hadn't gotten access at all.
I like HAWG knives. I have a beautiful large folder with an abalone over black metal handle. It's surprisingly light for such a big knife and handles very well. The clip is integral and the knife rides low and unobtrusively in the waistband. I wouldn't use it as an everyday carry knife, but it's cool looking and feeling, and would be very intimidating as a self-defense piece.