Mike Irie Proto

Jan 31, 1999
Man, I just got the coolest gift from a friend, Ray Smith, in Utah.

This is a Mike Irie prototype (#3/5) modified spearpoint.


- 6.75" OAL
- 3" BL
- 3.5" Handle Length from pommel to index tip
- 1/8" thick ATS34 stock
- 15/16" deep blade
- 3/8" thick handle
- 1" deep handle at the widest.
- micarta slabs on full tang.

The knife is small and light enough for a neck carry, but the original kydex sheath is not slim enough in design. No big deal since I generally don't do neck carries except for fishing (in which case I use a Running Dog). So, my friend got Scott Hendrix to do a IWB sheath. This sheath is REALLY well designed. The knife is held in by pressure created with a concave top piece that hugs the blade rather than than molding around features of the knife. The result is a secure retention with a smooth quiet draw or resheathing with no plastic snapping sounds. This also allows the blade edge to be oriented out or in on the draw, depending on the user's preference. Works very well for the "drawpoint" approach. The sheath sports a heavy duty nylon retaining strap with a snap. Nice... no on and off by unlooping the belt stuff.


The handle itself is very comfortable and secure with the combination of the index cutout and a pronounced ramp with minute filing. The holes drilled in the handle are well thought out. The middle hole is slightly larger than rest and provides a good index for grip changes.

The blade sports a very fine bead blast, or appears that way because of the gray sheen. However, it feels satin to the touch. There is a good belly to the blade which will allow for tasks such as skinning. The top swedge is sharpened right at the belly to the tip, giving this knife the attribute of a dagger.

I understand Mike Irie is no longer making knives. Too bad. This is a nice piece of work, crossing back and forth from hunter to tactical fixed blade.

Great knife, great gift, great friend.


AKTI #A000356

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I think mike said he was not going to make knives full time anymore...that when he caught up on his back orders he was going to continue at a more leisurely pace...may be wrong...but I cant imagine him stopping altogher.


I saw some of Mike's hunting knives about a year ago and they looked great. I didn't have the money at the time to buy one but I had hoped to order from from him in the future, glad to hear that he hasn't quit all-together!
Does Mike have a website or does anyone know if he sells through any of the Cutsom Dealers on the Net?

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