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Mike Obenauf website?

He does but it is next to impossible to find even using google. I had it at one point and now can't seem to find it. I can however give you his email. I emailed him once and he seemed very nice. So maybe you can email him and ask him his web site name. his email is: mobenaufknives@yahoo.com hope that helps.
She loves me, she loves me not.... ;)

Isn't that unusual. Works every time for me, too. PhilL and I are from the New York area. There must be a router out of action somewhere.

I just E-mailed him, and asked him about his website. I still can't get on.
I have tried Safari & Firefox for browsers, still no avail. I think I will try IE......
It doesn't work for me either- it used to though. The last time I took a look (maybe a couple of months back), it was still the same site it always was- not updated in years. (Mike is too busy catching up on orders to worry about websites!) For instance the Model 4 isn't listed yet....For specs and pics the best bet is to look at dealer sites.