Mike, Spark and you SE Coasters OK?

We're doing fine here in Broward and Dade counties in South Florida.

Thanks for asking.

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Yeah Blackdog, after all that threatening we barely got damp in Palm Beach County! It sure was tense though until that monster turned its ugly head. I wish all the ones who weren't so lucky the best and hope their lives weren't too disrupted.

Uhhh... Hiya.
I'm in New Jersey, and just to let you know, WE GOT WHALLPOED!!!!!
My town got 9.2 inches last night. My wife saw that on the news and got all excited until I told her they were discussing RAINFALL.
There's floods all over the place, most people couldn't get out of town today as there are only 2 roads leading out, and one was covered with ex-trees. I spent a halfhour with the cop assigned to make sure that people didn't pass the roadblock.
There's sawhorses, traffic cones, a cop car with lights-a flashin', and every other person STILL asked, "Is the road closed?"
I told my friend that he felt the need to shoot someone, I would bear no witness against him.

Our neighboring towns are under water. I'm patting myself on the back for deciding to live on a MAOUNTAIN!!!

Well, just thought that a neato Hurricane Floyd story was appropriate, therefore, I type.


That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
Yeah, I'm in 'Joisey too. We did get it harder than I thought we would.

Good news though...... The Khukuri I ordered from Craig on Tuesday came today. Doesn't look like that was delayed at all.....cool.

Pretty killer piece, by the way.

Clay G.

Everything is ridiculously fine. There was a movie about these guys climbing K2, and the wind outside really added to the atmosphere. They cancelled school, but not because we would be in danger... They canccelled it so they could use the schools as shelter. I suppose it's ok for kids to be picked up and thrown 100 yards, but no one else. Oh well. Everyone's fine. Thanks for asking.

Heh... Wednesday was the nicest day of the week in Port Charlotte, FL.... Cool, Nice breeze, no clouds..lol.... I am somewhat dissapointed..... Hope no one got hurt bad up in the north though... Floodins a b@#*h
Some flooding and power outages in several counties in NYS. But not declared a disaster.

Down in NYC, just some minor flooding. That' s all for now.


Talked briefly to Scott Evans yesterday. Edge-Work's new building came through fine and suffered no flooding. They lost some trees on the property though. Given they're just 40 miles north of where Floyd made landfall I'd say they were darned lucky!

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I am fine but.................
As of this moment 24 of the surrounding counties and mine, on the NC coast, are still under Emergency and some curfew conditions. My house did great.... a stubron re-prime on my well but thats it.
Several rural towns are flooded and several dead hogs, chickens, and turkeys as well as flooded hog waste lagoons and barns... yuck!! I won't drink the well water