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Mike T - EDI scale Break test

Sal Glesser

Dec 27, 1998
Mike - We received the sample you send of the new injection molded EDI scale for the Genesis II. Thanx much. We believe it is a FRN that goes under the trade name "Grivory". Very nice stuff. Will take up to 60% fiberglass reinforcement. The sample that you sent broke at 612.9 PSI (lbs per square inch). This compared quite favorably with normal G10 which averages 613.3 PSI. Spyderco's G10 averages 720.7 PSI.

Looks like the boys at EDI are working.
Why does Spyderco's G10 average a higher breaking strength? Thicker? Or a higher grade? I thought G10 was G10. Also, wasn't EDI's reason for going to the new grip material to strengthen the knife to the point that the liner could be removed, making it lighter? It seems like they could have done the same thing with G10. Just wondering.

Glad you got it and like it. And yes you are correct it is called Grivory. Sorry I should of mentioned that along with the proper name. The main advantage that it has over G-10 is that it can be molded into damn near any shape you need. It is obviously as stong and in most cases stronger than normal G-10. I understand the quality of the G-10 you are using is 6 weave which is far better than what other makers use. The molding ability is the key to it's appeal, not just the strength.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

The thing most end users will notice though is the reduced price in a quality knife.

Excactly, and I bet we will not here any complaints in that department huh.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Mike - Correct on the cost reduction and it can be significant. We use CNC mills in several very tight tolerance operations to create the pockets and bevels in G10 scales. G10 is also somewhat dangerous in grinding and sanding operations and must be submerged during these operations. The injection molded Grivory can create the shapes in "one shot".

We'll continue with G10 on current G10 models as I feel it still has some advantages in these applications (such as the success of the strength of the Military and Bob Terzuola Strarmate Linerlocks.

We've used Grivory in a number of models (Moran, Moki lightweights, Horn and the new Calypso Jr). We've had exceptional luck with good quality FRN in general.

Burke - We have more layers compressed at greater pressures to achieve the same thickness. Probably not necessary on a lock back but an advantage on a Linerlock. Linerlocks require tremendous rigidity in order to really sustain hard use.
Sal and Mike,
Thanks for testing our GENESIS 2 scales. Yes the material is GV-6H from American Grilon, or sometimes called "Grivoy" as a trade name. Its 60% glass filled. We are very pleased with the material as Michael has used it on other projects in the past. As you found, or tests indicated that it was 'stronger' than some G10 compositions, and not quite as strong as some others, including the 6 weave G10 we use in our GENESIS 1. But still, very impressive for an injection moldable material. More expensive and tougher on molds than Zytel, but still 'cheap' compared to machining G10.

Burke, our intention with the new GENESIS 2 was to make a lower cost version of the GENESIS, while sacrifing as little as possible. By molding the scales out of GV-6H, we are able to 'lose' the G10 expense, and on the 'non locking' side of the knife, we left out the liner and molded the scale corrospondingly thicker to compensate. This way, the knife uses all the same small parts, ...the same steel pillars, screws, bushing, washers, etc. as the GENESIS 1. And the knife is of 'balanced' thickness, meaning that the knife is the same width on each side of the pivot. So yes the GENESIS 2 has a singl;e full sized Ti liner, but with the added thickness of the GV-6H on the non locking side, the handle strenght is still way past the limits of the users hands. The only operational feature you lose in the GENESIS 2 is the fact hat the pocket clip is no longer reversible, since we wanted to only tap the clip screws into the Ti liner. So the GEN2 is set up for 'rightys' only. GEN1 is still opf course a great option for 'leftys'. Bottom line is that we are able to offer the GENESIS 2 at $30 less[at MSRP] than GENESIS 1. We feel that this is a considerable price reduction, and will allow some customers that couldn't before experience the features we offer in the GENESIS series knives. Time will tell, but sales look pretty good so far....

I'm starting to sound kinda commercial here, so if anyone has any other questions about GENESIS 2, or anything else from EDI, lets step on over to the 'nonspecific' forum where us little guys hang out.

Thanks again Sal,

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
President-EDI Knives
Commercial away you guys make great knives. I was impressed with all your products. Lowering the cost of you basic product without compromising quality is outstanding. Just don't keep doing it you make it tough to compete. Give our best to your crew.

Bob Taylor
That's why I like the Forums. Presidents of big knife companies can come in here and discuss various points of their knives. Seems like some company heads (okay, one guy that I can think of) can only speak highly of their own knives and trash the rest. Kudos to the real gentlemen.