Mike, you've been 1-uped(or RE:challenge)

It's even more arrant nonsense than the "stun gun" and taser claims. LOL!

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But Cougar, someone needs to profit off the Star Wars hype besides George Lucas. :) I'm sure every riot vehicle in the world will be sporting one of these personel disablers.

It makes me wonder what criteria proceed the patent award... The application mentioned the stun guns also are patented. I wonder if my ESD tester is patented? Hmmmm again.
Damn someone stole my idea again

A non-lethal weapon for temporarily immobilizing a target subject by means of muscular tetanization in which the tetanization is produced by conducting a precisely-modulated electrical current through the target. Because the electrical current is a close replication of the physiological neuroelectric impulses which control striated muscle tissue, it tetanizes the subject's skeletal muscles without causing any perceptible sensation. The transmission of this current to the distant target is via two channels of electrically conductive air. The conductive channels are created by multi-photon and collisional ionization within the paths of two beams of coherent (laser) or columnated incoherent ultraviolet radiation directed to the target. A single beam may be used to tetanize a grounded target. The high-voltage tetanizing current flows from electrodes at the origin of the beams along the channels of free electrons within them.

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You don't have to prove an invention works to patent it, not in the US anyway. Somewhere around here I have a book about bizarre patents.... The only one I remember at the moment was a fishing lure with mirrors on it. The patent application said male fish would take it for another male fish and, since all males are naturally pugnacious, would attack it -- and reducing mirrors could be used so cowardly fish would think it was a smaller male fish and wouldn't be afraid to attack it -- and female fish ... everybody knows females are attracted to mirrors ... so it would catch fish of both sexes, or so the inventor claimed.

-Cougar Allen :{)