Mikov Auto review: any good?

Mar 9, 2000
Anybody have one? I like the design, which seems to be the driving force of my impulse buying of interesting no-name cheapies. Ive learned the hard way that asthetics isnt everything, so if anyone can tell me more about this knife, your help would be greatly apreciated....

Have stag scale model - Big knife - strong spring - lever works in reverse of most lever locks - nice stag, as most European stag handled knives are.

Early models had problems with blade grinds - blade on mine is slightly "banana"; however, I have heard quality is steadily improving.

I like the one I have.


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search for bladeforums user "David1967", he´s dealing with Mikov knives.

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You can see more pictures on my Photopoint page.

When holding Mikov Auto - it is like travelling to the past. You cannot compare it to the new BM or MT autos. It is totally different knife. It is still almost entirely hand made. At least it is assembled by hand. The stag scales are made by only one man (outside the Mikov factory) and he is able to make only 3 pairs a day. So every stag knife is original, every is a bit different.

The other scale material is wood and plastic. I do not know what kind of plastic it is but it is quite tough.

The blades are made of ???? steel. I asked them several times but never got satisfactory answer. I would say it is close to Sandvik steel used by some North European companies. It is not bad at all but it is not something special either. The blade is sharpened only on one side. The grinds are even - but still made without the use of any modern devices.

I think that the newer models are much better than those in the past. They had some problems with the quality but since they got a new owner, the quality of the products has improved significantly. BTW they make full range of knives (manual folding, hunting, kitchen, butcher´s knives, scissors etc.).

Unfortunately they do not have their own web page - since the internet connection is still very expensive here. But they have plans to build their site within one year.

The only problem with Mikov I have is the order lead time. It sometimes takes month for them to deliver the product (esp. with stag handle). Also I am not a dealer - I buy the knives at full retail price from them - and I cannot get any discounts. But I have a good relationship with their Production Manager so if you want some spare parts, let me know.

If you have other questions - send me an e-mail.



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