MIL/LEO/Fire/EMT/EMS Direct Ordering Program for XM Folding Knives

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Nov 16, 2009
Rick decided years ago to stop taking orders directly for XM folders, but left it open for active military, law enforcement, fire, EMT/EMS personnel so they had direct access to tools they require in the field. Generally, there are 4-5 opportunities to purchase per year, we open it up about once a quarter for a 1-3 week period depending the amount we have available. Direct orders are prioritized based on if you have ordered from us in the past, and the frequency. If you are someone who has had the chance to have already purchased one directly from us, you will have to wait for us to work through the first timers. First time orders will get the priority, if there are knives left from the particular batch after those orders are processed we will address folks that have purchased previously. One knife per person, per batch, per year. Sales are first come, first serve, we do not maintain a waiting list or take pre-orders so timing is the key. We allow each individual to purchase 1-2 knives a year, and a maximum of 3 knives total under the program. Knives purchased direct from us through flash sales are taken into account as well.

We do not take orders for gifts from family members, only active personnel. Sorry to our northern neighbors, but we do not sell or ship knives to Canada. We do not have the knives available to extend the program to private security (Unless deployed downrange), doctors, nurses, or retired individuals, only those previously stated above.

The following CURRENT/ACTIVE personnel can order direct from us:

We will ask that you verify your current employment with us prior to ordering. If you do not have an ID from one of the above fields, you are not qualified to order direct from us.
LEO/FIRE/EMT: We will request a copy of your ID, and/or a letter from your chain of command on Police or Fire Department Letterhead to verify your employment. Active Military members: You can simply write us from your .mil address to verify. If you do not have a .mil email you may also provide a Statement of Service from your local personnel office in the form of a signed letter confirming military status, or a written statement from your chain of command. Please do not send us a copy of your ID.

We ask that you do not buy knives for your buddies under the program, you are taking knives out of the hands of other serving first responders that you should consider your brothers, have some respect for the system please. Someday, if we can get closer to meeting demand, we won't need this program in place, we'll be able to sell knives to everyone, but until then, please use some integrity when purchasing. If we find this the case, and you are, we simply won't sell you knives.

If you qualify to order direct please drop me a line and I will provide you with further details and model availability.

XM Folder Prices

XM-18 3" Model $425
XM-18 3.5" Model $425
XM-24 4" Model $595

Depending on in-stock availability, when ordering a folder you will have a choice between a flipper or non-flipper and your choice of a Spanto or Slicer Blade Style. Also you will have your choice of G10 handle scale color. All direct order knives ship with our standard tumbled finish, there are no options for custom finishes.
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