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Military 1st Impressions

Feb 4, 1999
I recently obtained a Spyderco Military in trade and wanted to post my impressions. For reference, it is supposed to be the model that just preceded the current one, so it is identical with exception to the graphics on the blade (no techno-spider on mine). It is CPM440V and this is my first experience with the material.<p>

I haven't used it much, but suffice to say that the knife is super sharp, as are all Spydercos with the original factory edge. With a thin, high flat grind this knife is made for cutting, as it should be!<p>

I was struck initially by the size of the knife. I have small hands and the Military is at least an inch bigger in the handle than I like. I never use gloves when I use knives, so the extra size is lost on me. After carrying my Military for a few days straight I returned my Wegner into the rotation, and it actually felt puny in terms of size compared to the Military! I like the extra large Spydie-hole in the blade, and the machined thumb ramp grooves are a nice touch, too. The knife rides high in the pocket due to clip placement, so while it isn't low profile, drawing is easy.<p>

The Military is VERY light for its weight, however. The liner is minimal, covering just enough space to lock the knife and have the screws holding the knife together go through. With a less-than-full-size liner on one side and none on the other, coupled with G-10 scales, the knife is a real featherweight. Despite this I did not feel like the knife was wimpy or flimsy at all. If you are looking for a huge folder that is also superlight, the Military is the obvious choice. It cuts like crazy, too, and looks to be fully strippable for cleaning. All in all it looks like one of Spyderco's best-engineered knives, and although it is beigger than what I like, I find myself carrying it a lot!
Welcome to the club! I liked it so much, I bought 2!:D

I have one plain edge CPM 440V model and one plain edge CPM 440V Inlay model:p . Great knives!
Steve - congrats on the new acquisition and glad you like the knife! If you like blades that keep on cuttiing with no end, the S60V (440V) stuff will go the distance. The Military is my all-time favorite Spyderco, definitely a consistent top performer and hard working knife.
Hi Steve,
Welcome to the Miltary Man fold! I still say after all these years, this is the knife you'll come back to over and over again. Gosh awful strong yet light, skinny and egronomically so right for a folder this size. Fighter or utility, it does it all. It has endured where others are now just a distant memory. The knife that really put CPM metals AND flat grinds on the map! Enjoy and welcome Military Man!