Military discount

Oct 23, 2006
Hey, guys.
I got a jacket I started putting patches on a couple years ago. I call it my Missouri jacket because all the unit patches on there have a connection
to Missouri in some way.
What does that have to with getting a discount?
Well, I had a buddy with the 51st raf gunners send me one of his unit patches just because he's cool. So I got to thinking, wouldn't it be awesome to have a patch jacket covered with patches from former and current military personnel that were people who bought a knife from me.
So the plan is to start this new jacket.
Here's where the discount comes in.
If you have a knife on order or put one on order you can get a 5% discount if you send me one of your unit patches (current or former military is a-ok) with a little background info. Nothing to personal on the info, just enough so I know that you're not a person who never served just trying to get a discount.
I know 5% isn't much but I gotta make a living so that's all I can afford right now. But on a 200.00 knife I figure at least it's worth the time?
I figure it'll be something cool (at least to me) to wear while I'm at a meet or even cool to hang on the wall. I love my patches and I love my vets.
And as always, if you're deploying sometime soon just give me a holler. You will go to the head of the class, all I need is a scan of your military id with the sensitive info blacked out. All I need to see is branch of service and expiration date.
Oct 23, 2006
Here's what the patch shirt looks like at this point.
It's a pretty meaningful item to me. It's filling up with patches from former and current military personnel who use my knives. It's my way of saying thanks for serving our country and thanks for buying my knives. This thing has already become pretty dear to me and there will be more added in the future.
Every patch on there is meaningful but some a little more than others because not only are they customers but they are close friends. I love this thing!

Here's what I got so far.
On the left sleeve is my old unit patch, 35th engineer brigade. Combat engineer.

Right sleeve is a home made Turley combat patch which will be replaced when I get the new patches made.

Here's where we get to the good stuff.


Left breast:
Top patch is from the Oregon national guard. Given by a combat medic.
Patch under that (cat and sword) is from the 51st squadron Royal Air Force gunners. Something akin to our Army Rangers. Given by one of the gunners or "rock apes".
To the right of that is a patch from the 212th field artillery brigade patch. Given by a fire support specialist (forward observer) from that unit.
The two on the pocket are from a former Marine scout sniper.
On the left is the 4th Marine regiment patch and to the right of that is his S.e.r.e trained patch.

Right breast:


These were all given to me by the same soldier, a weapons sergeant with the 3rd special forces.
Top left is the 82nd airborne patch from his time before becoming a green beret. To the right of that is his jump wings and C.I.B.
Below on the left is his patch from the John F. Kennedy special warfare center and school. To the right of that is his Airborne specials forces patch.

I can't tell you guys how proud I am of this shirt. Means a lot to me.
I'll update this as new patches go on.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.